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Evolution Dome Provides Structures for Climate Action

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

As the media circus descended no-one could have imagined that last year’s climate conference, was probably one of the most contentious and publicised ever, all hosted under Evolution Domes range of inflatable structures. 2,500 square meters of Evolution Domes large inflatable structures. 10m dome, 8m dome, 2 x 20m domes, 2 x fluid scarabs, 2 x 15m x 10m Frame marquees, various linking tunnels. Each dome had its own flooring and carpet throughout (2600sqm) plus a further 150sqm of outdoor.

“We’ll have limited time for the build, like a few days, which precludes a lot of traditional structures, and it needs to look and feel right as well as being cost-effective to rent and to run. Evolution Dome is a perfect fit on all those counts.” Nick Henry, Managing Director at Climate Action says.

The inflatable structures were powered by DHL’s renewable energy source with any food waste from the Forum converted into power. Beyond SIF’s two days, Climate Action let the structures out to other events across the COP23 fortnight.

Darren Norfield, Production manager at Evolution Dome commented: “We enjoyed working with Climate Action on this project and are very happy to have secured a contract for the 2018 event”.

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