12m Inflatable Cube


power 32 amp

2h installation

55mph wind rated

standing capacity 209

conference capacity 128

About the 12m Inflatable Cube

The 12m Inflatable Event Cubes are a medium sized structure and offer a large 116sqm usable floor space. The inflatable cube can be installed outdoors to create a unique event space or placed inside a venue to provide a quiet seminar or break-out room. Inflatable Structures offer many benefits over conventional marquee structures such as huge insulation properties, acoustic benefits and rapid install and de-rig times.

The 12m cube can comfortably accommodate 128 seated theatre/conference style, or 209 standing. This includes space for staging and AV equipment.

Evolution Dome structures are modular and can be joined seamlessly via the doorways or inflatable tunnels to a multi-room environment.  Event structures are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, wind rated to 55MPH and can be installed in just 2 hours. All of our structures are fully compliant with H&S regulations and installed by our safe contractor approved team.


Suggested usage for 12m Inflatable Cube

This Event Structure is small enough to pack up and move easily, yet large enough to provide ample room for over 100 people. The 12m event cubes can be used both indoors and outdoors as well as on grass or hard standing. Below are a few suggestions for its many applications.

  • Roadshows
  • Product launches
  • Exhibition structure
  • Private party – birthday, anniversary
  • Pop-up bar or food stall
  • conferences

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