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At Evolution Dome we pride ourselves on supplying hassle-free, flexible, event services and solutions.  We have delivered some memorable and thrilling events.  Each event fully tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Customers include local councils, corporate clients, PLC’s and some of the world’s biggest event organisers. We’ve come a long way and we’re extremely proud of the reputation we have built through all of the events we have supplied. Find out more about past events and projects.


Our award-winning sealed Air Beam technology and design has been a long 3 years in the making and below we would like to give you a brief explanation of how we have developed a structure that has a huge 55MPH wind rating, reduces the risk of deflation in the event of a power failure and is the most eye-catching temporary structure on the market today.

The sealed Air Beam high-pressure frame-work for the inflatable structure means if the power fails this framework will hold the structure up and also takes out any deflection that may be caused by high winds. This is what makes us the only supplier for EN, BS, DIN certified Temporary Inflatable Structures.

The modular door design means all of our Inflatable Structures can simply be linked together and are 100% watertight. The internal baffles help to create the elegant curves and shapes of the structure.

All coupled together with a great manufacturing process, you can see why our structures can be used in confidence in all weather conditions and come with a full engineering reports. It’s easy to see why Evolution Dome is the market leader in providing high class, robust, temporary inflatable event structures.

Evolution Dome | Inflatable Event Structures | Peterborough

Evolution Dome | Inflatable Event Structures | Peterborough

Aims & Promises

  • To provide our clients with a completely hassle-free service.
  • To Push the boundaries in the world of inflatable structures.
  • To Continue to be the market leader in supplying Inflatable Structures with a service and aftercare support that is second to none.

We promise to keep manufacturing structures to these high standards:

  • All fabric is tested to BS ENO 13934-1-1999
  • All seams are tested to BS EN ISO 13935-2
  • All fabrics are fire rated to EN 13823 and BS EN ISO 11925-2
  • All of the above results are to a very high standard which gives our structures the highest wind rating on the market for Temporary Inflatable Structures
  • The pressure coefficients for the structure are taken from Eurocode 1.
  • Safety factors against sliding and uplift are taken from Temporary demountable structures: Guidance on procurement design and use, by IstructE.

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