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Why you should consider an Inflatable Structure at your next conference

Posted by Ash | Posted on April 13, 2019

6 Reason to Consider an inflatable structure at your next conference?

Conferences happen all over the world and for many different reasons from. Mostly its a gathering of like-minded people, coming together to talk, learn, collaborate, share experiences and knowledge.  Some of the key things to consider when organizing a conference are:-

  • Understanding Your delegates
  • Choosing the right speakers
  • Embracing technology
  • Facilitate networking
  • Keeping Delegates Engaged
  • Creating the conference as an experience, so delegates take the memory home

Some Catering, Seminar Theatres, breakout spaces to lounge, there is a lot to consider. Below you can find a little help from us! Our structures are a great addition to any conference, providing solutions to several issues that crop up regularly.

1. Creating a ‘Wow’ Factor

Conference planning involves a number of things, one of them is creating unique and engaging spaces. Every organiser would like to have the most memorable event and this is no different when it comes to conferences. Draping used within exhibition halls has been done over and over again, and it’s not the most attractive of solutions. Conference rooms, although being great in appearance, aren’t always capable of dealing with large numbers of delegates or spaces required. Evolution Domes  range of Inflatable Structures comprises the best of both worlds, providing a unique and visually striking space capable of catering for a capacity of any size. The structures are modern and contemporary in appearance, can be enhanced using our LED light system, offer a 20DB sound drop from inside to out and stop sound bleep from theatre to theatre.

2. Flexible Space’s

Our range of inflatable conference structures come in a wide variety of sizes. From small pods to facilitate 1-2-1 meeting all the way up to 800 capacity theatre style Structures. The Dome and Cube ranges have high ceiling heights, creating an airy and comfortable environment. The large structures provide ample space for large projection screens and AV equipment. The added benefit of using an inflatable structure is that it is entirely air supported – no truss or poles! It means that wherever your delegates sit, they will have a clear view of the speaker or stage.

3. Rapid Build and Strike Times

Venue Tenancy can be costly and with organisers and always trying to cut down on Build as Strike days to keep the event within budget.  A one-day event can end up having several days of build work involved prior to starting and then days to strike the equipment prior to handing the space back to the venue. To keep costs down the obvious solution is to make the tenancy as short as possible. However, this isn’t easy to do.  AV equipment, furniture and catering take time to install. Evolution Dome’s structures, however, don’t fall into this category. Our smallest structures can be popped up in a matter of minutes, and even the largest in the range can be installed in just a few hours, allowing other contractors the time and space to complete work. This Saves time, Budget and stress from the organiser.

4. Organisation and Signage

The larger a venue is, the harder it becomes to navigate around. Maps and guides are great, but not always practical when dealing with large numbers of people. The Evolution Dome range can prove to be a great tool when planning a conference. Each structure can be lit with LED battens, providing a full-colour wash. The battens can be programmed to any colour with an RGB reference. This then creates an easy-to-spot point to navigate to. For example, a red dome could hold one break out session, whilst a blue dome is the venue for the conference. To make things even easier, we also provide Dacron branding stickers. These can be applied directly to the structures to label each dome/conference room.

5. Noise

Conferences can become noisy very quickly. With delegates moving around from one area to another, registering, having breaks and several sessions going on at the same time, it can become hard to keep this to a minimum. Our domes and cubes offer a quick and easy solution to this. The inflatable event structures have air walls, which absorb sound and noise. Rather than bouncing and echoing, the inflatable walls of the structures absorb sound, preventing it from traveling any further. This means that with the addition of doors, the structures in the Evolution Dome range can make conference and break out spaces quiet and allow what is going on inside to take centre stage. It also allows several structures to be placed closely together, without the worry of noise over spilling into the session next door.

6. Indoors or Outside

Venues can be tricky to find. Some may be too big, some too small, and others simply don’t fit the purpose. Evolution Dome structures can be installed anywhere, allowing you to create a venue from scratch. The high wind rating of 55mph means that structures are strong, tough and able to deal with bad weather conditions. They can be installed on grass or hard standing, or indoors at exhibition centres and event venues. This provides you with several options and the room to be as creative and unique as you like.

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