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National Grid Hosted Leadership Conference in Partnership with NAEC Stoneleigh and Evolution Dome

Posted by Ash | Posted on June 4, 2019

The NAEC Stoneleigh played host to National Grid’s annual leadership conference last month, with the help of its temporary structure partner, Evolution Dome.

National Grid, which own the electricity and transmission network in England and Wales, chose to hold its annual meeting at the popular conference, exhibition and event venue in the Midlands, with around 500 people attending for the day.

As part of the conference, National Grid enlisted the help of Evolution Dome, the international leader in temporary inflatable event structures and solutions.

National Grid took the decision to use five inflatable domes and one cube as part of a larger open plan space, and it allowed them to have areas for delegates to breakout into small groups. To add an extra dimension to the experience, each dome was lit with colours that matched National Grid’s company branding.


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Annette Gann, senior communications specialist, National Grid, explained: “We ran a leadership challenge event based on a ‘scavenger hunt’ approach, providing clues linking to key strategic messages (and fun ones). They were split between the five domes and one cube that we used, each of which could accommodate 120 people at any one time. This gave us a spacious, open and airy environment to cope with fast moving groups often completing challenges that required a reasonable amount of space for group work.

“In conjunction with the challenges we built along with our challenge provider, the domes helped to facilitate a faced paced, fast moving environment that kept our teams energised and engaged throughout the afternoon.”

Ash Austin, director of Evolution Dome, added: “It was our pleasure to work with National Grid. We feel the domes worked perfectly for their brief and NAEC Stoneleigh are always a fantastic venue to work with.”

Kate Varvedo, marketing and communications manager at NAEC Stoneleigh, said: “We find that the Evolution Dome structures complement our offering here at NAEC Stoneleigh and boosts the overall effect of the events. It creates versatility in our blank canvas spaces and allows us to provide our customers, such as National Grid, with alternative solutions and create memorable experiences.”

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