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Which Branding Option is Best for Your Event? Full Print, Printed Cover, or Dacron Stickers?

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

Branding is crucial to many of our clients. From organising large conferences and exhibitions to creating exciting product launches, branding helps to bring a personal touch to a variety of events when using a Temporary Structure.

At Evolution Dome, we have three different methods of branding available to our clients. Below we’ve outlined these along with their suitability for various types of events.

Dacron Stickers are our most popular option. They can be applied to any structure within the Evolution Dome range and are a fantastic temporary method of branding. Stickers are very cost effective and do not cause any damage to the Temporary structures. They can be printed in any colour or colours that are required, and go as large as 2sqm. They are the perfect option for signage, logos and small artwork making them the go-to option for one-day events, conferences, exhibitions and pop-up events.

Fully Printed Covers serve a variety of purposes. They are ideal for road shows and product launches that require a large amount of branding, on a structure that will be used at several locations or events. Covers are reusable and very durable, as they are manufactured in rip-stop nylon. The covers are created to fit perfectly over any of the structures in the Evolution Dome range, providing them with a full print, that appears as though it has been printed directly onto the structure. This works perfectly for clients who would like the wow-factor of having a full print but do not want to purchase their own structure. It allows them to hire and invest in only the cover, having the Evolution team come and install this along with the structure when required. It is also a great option for those wanting to have several different branding options. A variety of covers can be made to suit different design requirements.

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Fully Printed Structure This option is only available to clients who are purchasing a Temporary structure. We have created many bespoke printed models for customers who have wanted a structure for regular use, fully branded in their company colours, logos and designs. The beauty of having either a fully printed structure or cover, is the instant, high impact brand awareness a structure like this brings. Having a structure that is fully branded provides an eye-catching focal point, whether you are touring on a road show, or product launch, or popping up at an exhibition.

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