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Inflatable Structure FAQ’s

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

Evolution Dome has a huge range of inflatable event structures. Some are small, ideal for creating private meeting rooms, and some are vast, like our Fluid Scarab, which make a great festival venue. As a result of the diverse range and the unique design and construction of the temporary structures, we get asked many questions ranging from how the structures work to how they can be branded. Below is a list of the most common questions we have been asked over the years, hopefully it will give you a better insight into Evolution Dome’s range of event structures.

How do the inflatable structures work?

Evolution Dome’s structures are all fully air support, no truss system is used. The structures have constant air flowing through with the use of inbuilt fans which keeps them inflated.

How are the event structures secured?

Depending on the surface the domes are installed on, there are two methods of securing the inflatable structures. On grass, we use Terra Bolts which are screw shaped stakes. On hardstanding, such as tarmac, we used ballast in the form of sandbags. The sandbags sit between the walls of the structure, weighing it down from inside.

Indoors the structures do no require ballast or Terra Bolts.

Do the inflatable structures need power?

Yes, all of the Evolution Dome inflatable structures require a constant power supply. Structures with Sealed Air Beams will not go down in the event of a power failure, the beams will keep the structures up until power is sourced.

What are ‘Sealed Air Beams’?

Sealed Air Beams are PVC beams that act like a truss system and skeleton for the event structures. They are rigid and do not need a constant power supply as the air is sealed inside the beams. The beams provide a strong framework in case of power failure or high winds.

Are the event structures safe in bad weather?

Yes, the Evolution Dome range of inflatable structures is fully waterproof and safe in gusts of up to 55mph. The Sealed Air Beams provide a skeleton that acts like trussing for the structures, thereby making it more robust and strong. All Sealed Air structures in the Evolution Dome range come with engineer reports and wind calculations.

Are the fans loud?

The fans we use for our inflatable structures are very quiet. They produce a low hum and a white noise in the background. The noise will not disturb meetings or conferences and it can easily be spoken over. We also provide dimmers for indoor events.

Can the event structures be branded?

Yes, all structures can be branded. There are 3 options for branding – 1. Full Print – This option only applies to sales structures. When purchasing an inflatable structure you have the option to have it printed at manufacture. The whole structure is printed with any designs or logos required. There are no limits on colours or designs. 2. Printed Cover – A cover can be used with both sales and hire structures. The printed cover is fully printed like the option above, however it is a removable cover meaning that the event structure is simply ‘dressed’ in this design, then the cover can be removed or changed. It is a great cost saving option for those that require a branded structure but do not want to commit to buying a structure themselves. Covers can be used on our hire range cutting costs considerably. 3. Dacron Stickers – Stickers are a great option for a one-off event. The high quality Dacron vinyl allows for extremely high print quality with no restriction on colours. Dacron stickers are applied to event structures and removed post event. They are a cost effective option and do a great job of branding. Dacron stickers can be used on the Evolution Dome range of inflatable structures.

Can I hang anything from the inflatable structures?

Nothing can be hung from the inflatable structures as they are fully air supported and anything hung from them will ruin their structural integrity. We can supply trussing upon request it anything needs to be suspended within the event structure.

What colours do they come in?

All the Evolution Dome structures come in white with either silver or white Sealed Air Beams. They can, however, be lit from inside with coloured LED lights giving the effect of a coloured structure. Alternatively, if purchasing your own inflatable structure, you can have it printed any colours required at manufacture.

How long do the structures talk to put up?

Some of the smaller structures can be installed in a matter of minutes. Our largest inflatable structures, the Fluid Scarab, can be installed in a one morning. The Scarab offers 780 sqm of useable floor space. In comparison, non-inflatable structures of a similar size would take a minimum of a day to install.

Do the inflatable structures have trussing?

All our inflatable event structures are completely air supported. The Sealed Air Beams work as a framework, however, no truss system is used. Trussing can be added to the structures if required by the client, however, it is no required to keep the event structure up.

Can the event structures be used for catering?

Yes, the Evolution Dome’s structures are all safe for use near heat. The rip stop fabric is fire retardant treated and we can supply fire certificates upon request.

Are the structures warm in winter?

The double layer air design of the inflatable structures mean that the inside of the structures is well insulted. This means that both heating and air conditioning work very well within the structures.

Can several inflatable structures be linked?

Yes, all Evolution Dome inflatable structures have the same size doorways meaning that they can be seamlessly linked to create a multi-room environment. Tunnels are also available as another method of linking the event structures.

Do the event structures reduce noise?

Inflatable structures are great at insulating sound as well as temperature. The inflatable walls absorb and disperse the sound within them meaning outside noise is less noticeable and sound from within the structure doesn’t leak outside. When doors are installed the noise levels can be reduced by up to 22db.

Due to the curved nature and air design of our inflatable structures, they create great acoustics for music and live events. Our Fluid Scarab and 24m domes have been used for several festivals with great feedback on this.

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