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The Top 5 Most Creative Uses of Inflatable Event Structures

Posted by Vivid Ink | Posted on September 6, 2023

Regardless of the type of event, there is one common need that connects all attendees. The desire for a memorable experience.

That experience starts the moment attendees lay eyes on your stand/activation. Making the first impression is a defining moment when interacting with your audience, especially in a busy event. 

One thing that always surprises and excites us is seeing how clients find new ways to make our structures part of the experience. So, in this blog, we’ll take a walk down memory lane and share 5 of the most creative uses of our inflatable structures.

1. Hyphen & Asda – World Cup Tour

Branded Inflatable Event Structure - Inflatable Dome designed to look like a football alongside a inflatable goal post


When events and experiential agency, Hyphen, brought the football home to ASDA stores across the UK, they aimed to immerse consumers in the experience by getting them excited about the 2022 FIFA World Cup and offering samples of a selection of products from Asda’s brand partners.

Hyphen aimed to attract families and create excitement upon entering the car park. They accomplished this by offering unique and exciting experiences for visitors of all ages. To grab the attention of passersby, Hyphen utilised our custom branding to transform a 6m inflatable dome into a giant football. To fully immerse visitors into the experience, the dome was accompanied by various fun football-themed activities and the sounds of anthems and crowd cheers.

2. One Planet Consultants – Exhibition Tour 

10m inflatable dome with the design of a globe for One Planet Consultants (OPC)

When in the right hands, an exhibition stand can be a powerful tool in spreading awareness of your brand and making a powerful first impression on attendees. 

In 2018, One Planet Consultants (OPC) aimed to spread their message of sustainable living and caring for the planet by exhibiting at events throughout the UK. To draw in attendees’ attention and showcase their ethos, they chose a printed cover with a globe design on one of our 10m inflatable domes. Simple but powerful, the design gave attendees an understanding of OPC’s values before they entered the structure.

3. Silverstone 2018 – Retail Pop-Up

Branded Inflatable Event Structure - stage at Silverstone 2018

With 400,000 spectators at the 2018 British Grand Prix, the Silverstone Circuit team came to us looking for a venue that was ‘outside the box’ to encourage attendees to visit the event’s retail area.

Several of our inflatable structures were decked out with flooring, carpet, a full shop fit-out and audiovisuals to create welcoming retail environments to draw the attention of passersby as they explored between races and activities. But what made the British Grand Prix stand out from other events was the integration of supercar displays – letting fans get up close and personal with the models as they browsed merchandise.

4. Nuffield Health – Brand Activation

Green inflatable Luna pod for Nuffield Health

When Private healthcare provider, Nuffield Health, approached us, they were looking for ways to stand out while creating a comfortable and welcoming space for athletes at marathons, triathlons and cycling events.

Using the brand’s bold green colour scheme and distinct logo, Nuffield Health used our 10m inflatable dome and two Luna pods to stand out against any setting. To create a truly inviting experience, they carefully orbited content, goodies and information around the structure at each location. Fully immersing visitors in the brand’s messaging.

5. Butlins Halloween 2017  – Experience 

Branded Inflatable Event Structure - Pumpkin themed inflatable dome at Butlins

When crafting an experience that children will remember for years to come, it’s the small attention to detail that separates fun and the truly magical! With over 80 years of experience, Butlin’s have mastered the art of creating engaging spaces that bring the experience together.

This is why we loved Butlin’s application of our 10m inflatable dome! As part of the seaside town resorts’ Halloween festivities, they used our structure to create a fun and spooktacular atmosphere for children – making it the perfect space for pumpkin carving! When paired with the resort’s other displays and activities, they all came together to create a perfect family atmosphere.

The common thread among these creative events and activations is the emphasis on providing a memorable experience. The teams behind these experiences had a clear vision of how visitors should feel and the role our structures should play in creating lasting interactions that follow attendees after the event. 

If you would like to learn more about how Evolution Dome can add a personal touch to your next event, email us at or call us on 01487 640640.

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