Nuffield Health – Case Study

Case Study | Nuffield Health are a private healthcare provider. They have 31 private hospitals and 112 Fitness & Wellbeing gyms in various locations around the UK. | Product: Nuffield Fully Branded Lunas and 10m Dome

Client - Nuffield Health

The Brief:

Nuffield Health attends many sporting events around the country. They provide various services on-site at marathons, triathlons and cycling events. With events happening year round and the unpredictable British making an appearance be it Summer or Winter, it was vital to the Nuffield events team to create sheltered spaces for activities to take place in. The structures had to be wind-proof, waterproof and fully branded with Nuffield colours and logos. A quick and easy install process was also important to allow the Nuffield team to come and go without wasting time at each event. With the average event spanning across a weekend, it was important for Nuffield Health to be able to turn up and take part with as little hassle as possible.

The Solution:

Evolution Dome suggested two Luna structures and a 10m dome. The Luna’s are one of the most popular structures due to their versatility and fast install times. A 5.5 x 4.5m Luna provides 12sqm of space inside and is fully waterproof. It also has a wind rating of 35mph making it perfect for outdoor events. The 10m dome provides 57sqm of space and has a huge wind rating of 55mph. It is a great event space and can be installed in as little as a couple of hours, making it ideal for multi-location tours and quick turn around events. Both of the structures were fully branded in Nuffield Health colours and logos, making them a great marketing and brand awareness tool as well as event structure.

The Result:

The fully branded structures have been installed at several events across the country including the Brighton Marathon, Southampton Marathon, The London Winter Run and Salford Triathlon. The team has had great feedback and the structures have served their purpose well, attracting visitors and creating an easily recognisable focal point at events.

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