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Temporary Exhibition Stands

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

Exhibitions can be busy, hectic and demanding. From the moment you set your stand up, to the moment you finish speaking to the last of your potential clients, it’s a whirlwind of people, products, and information.
For those attending exhibitions regularly, installing and dismantling stands can be the most tedious of tasks. Having to arrive several hours early, to spend time putting branding, banners, and information out can seem like a waste of valuable working time. On the flip side, there is nothing worse than hours of dismantling exhibition structures when you’d love nothing more than to be heading home after several days of solid exhibiting.

With the above in mind, Evolution Dome’s range of inflatable structures could be the solution you are looking for. The structures are renowned for having unbelievably quick install and de-rig times. The wall range, for example, can be installed in a matter of minutes!

Inflatable structures are truly temporary. There are no nuts, bolts, beams or truss. The structures are totally air supported, meaning that they can be packed down quickly, and into a small and portable bags. Forget vans and trucks, you will be able to transport your whole stand in the comfort of a car or better still, wheeled luggage. Better still, all of the structures are completely reusable, perfect for upping your green cred! Below we’ve looked at our favourite temporary exhibition structures and how they can work for you.

Inflatable Walls As mentioned above, these structures are very quick and easy to install. The walls come in various lengths that can be joined together using strong and sturdy zips meaning you can build any size or shape exhibition stand you require. With the most popular size being around 3x3m or 4x4m, the walls can be neatly installed within the confines of a regular shell scheme, and add a unique and eye-catching focal point, as well as making you stand out from the rest; we all know how boring shell schemes and pop-up banner can be!

The walls can have LED lighting installed providing a colour wash and marking your temporary exhibition structure glow from within. The colour can be programmed to any RGB colour, allowing you to use your brand colours easily. The Evolution Dome inflatable walls can be branded, either temporarily, or permanently, depending on your requirements. Our Dacron branding stickers can be applied to structures and removed with no damage – a great method for one-off events. We can also produce fully printed covers for walls, as well as many of our other inflatable structures, allowing you to hire structures, cover them with your branding and use them when required. If purchasing a structure, you can have it directly printed for a quick and easy installation.

Office Pods The Office Pod range is incredibly versatile. The structures can be used with the sides closed in to create a private space – ideal for meetings and seminars. For exhibitions, the walls can be moved apart to create an open fronted space, perfect for inviting customers in and displaying products. The Office Pod range can be lit with LED lights, as with the walls, and it can also be branded.

X-Pod X-Pods make great temporary exhibition structures; they can be used both indoors and outside and come in a range of sizes, from 3x3m all the way up to 6x6m. The X-Pods have removable zip-in walls that can be printed and interchanged for different events and campaigns. With a large print area, they can easily replace the use of pull-out banners providing room for images and information to be displayed on each side of the structure. The roof of the X-Pod can also be printed, creating a fully branded structure that will stand out and be easy to spot in an exhibition environment. The X-Pods can be joined together using link tunnels, creating a modular exhibition space. The added benefit of X-Pods is their quick install time, both indoors and outside. The sealed air design means that no power is required, making them the perfect solution in any location. The X-Pods come with wheeled duffle bags which store the structure along with all other install elements, perfect for quick pack down and transport.

Contact us to see how we can make your next exhibition stand, stand out!

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