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Office Pods – Not just for the office!

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

Office Pods are a firm favourite with clients across a variety of sectors, from corporate to education. As the name suggests, they are a great addition to any office space, providing a quiet and private area for meetings, interviews, and study. Despite being designed with the corporate world in mind, they have been used by clients for a variety of events and purposes.

Below are a few of our favourite uses, from the conventional to the super-creative.

Yoga/Meditation Room The Office Pod range of structures is highly versatile and comes in four sizes: 3x3m, 3x4m 4x5m and 5x6m. The smaller pods can make great mediation pods due to their noise insulating properties and cosy design. The white fabric with air flowing through its walls makes for a very relaxing atmosphere. With LED lights placed inside the walls, the whole structure can change in colour in the flick of a switch. The large 5x6m Office Pods were very popular at the Mind, Body & Spirit Show, where they were used for Yoga practice.

Treatment Room The whole range of Office Pods offers a high level of privacy. The walls are made of thick, rip-stop nylon and the air cavity between the two layers of fabric, traps and disperses sound, making it a great space for relaxing and receiving beauty and holistic treatments. The Office Pods can be easily packed up and transported from one appointment to the next. The structures pack down into duffle bag sized carry bags and can be lifted by one person. Installation takes just 10 minutes, simply rolling the structure out and plugging it in to be inflated. It’s a great structure for mobile beauty therapists and those providing private appointments.

Marketing Structure The Office Pod pop-up structures can be fully printed with any design or branding required. The print service has a 6-week turn-around and the finished product can be as brightly coloured and creative as you like. We do not have any limits on colours or print space. The fast install time means that it can be the perfect structure for promotional and product launch tours as well as a making a unique and eye-catching sales stand. The Office Pod range is manufactured in fire retardant treated fabric meaning that it is safe to use in shopping centres and other public spaces.

Meeting Room Last but not least, the structure is great for its original purpose of an office meeting room. The smaller pods are perfect for one-on-one meetings, interviews and quiet places to work. The larger 5x6m models can accommodate up to 26 people seated, making them ideal for larger meetings, presentations, and seminars. The pods can also be used to create small classrooms and workshops. For offices lacking space, they can be installed for specific meetings and appointments and taken down and stored easily in their carry bags.

More information and spec sheets can be found on the Office Pod page.

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