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Reading University Open Day

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

The Reading University Open day attracts thousands of would be applicants to White Knights Campus. The event held twice a year both in summer and autumn, provides a detailed look at what the University has to offer both educationally and lifestyle wise.

Evolution Dome have been supplying structures for the Open Day’s for the last few years. With such a high footfall over a 2 week period, it was vital to provide large temporary structures, capable of accommodating a vast number of people safely. Also in addition to this, a reception/registration area was required to enable the university to sign visitors in and keep track of everyone on campus, as well as carry out admin relating to the open day.

The perfect inflatable structure for the job was our Fluid Scarab. With 780 sqm of internal floor space it can accommodate over 1500 people at a time. The temporary structure also has 4 doorways making it safe in case of emergencies and covering all health and safety regulations.

The Scarab event structure was set up with information desks and boards, as well as plenty of staff on hand to answer any questions. In addition to this, we attached a 14m dome to act as a pop-up registration point for everyone visiting the campus. Evolution Dome inflatable structures can all be joined seamlessly via their doorways meaning the Scarab and 14m dome become one large temporary structure with 2 separate rooms. For organisational purposes this worked extremely well.

All Evolution Dome inflatable structures are constructed in white rip stop nylon, allowing sunlight to illuminate inside. LED lights can are a great option for the evening as Reading University found out when they included the lights throughout the Fluid Scarab and 14m dome. The LED lights sit within the walls of the structures making them glow from within. During the evenings the University made use of these lights creating an attractive focal point on the campus.

The Evolution Dome inflatable marquees were a huge success at the open days both with visitors and staff. The air design meant that those working inside were kept cool while it was sunny outside. This produced a comfortable environment for visitors to wander, view information and speak to staff. The 2 room set up meant the flow of people was organised and controlled with all admin being covered as well as providing plenty of space to everyone involved.

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