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KWS | Fully Branded 6m X-Pod

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

Evolution Dome provides the option of full print and branding with all of its structures. It’s a great addition, making the temporary structures even more eye-catching and ideal for marketing, brand awareness and product launch campaigns.

KWS, a crop breeding company with offices across the world, approached Evolution Dome with the brief of having a small pop-up structure made for open field days during the summer period. They asked that the structure be fully branded to stand out amongst other structures and large enough to shelter several people should it rain. It was vital to have a structure that could be easily installed and de-rigged as well as easy to transport.

Initially the KWS team looked at the option of purchasing a cube. However after discussions with Evolution Dome, it was decided that the 6m X-Pod was a better option for their requirements.

The X-Pod is a highly versatile structure that can be fully branded in any colour as well as printed on. Jasmine Hughes, marketing coordinator at KWS, noted that ‘The X-Pod exceeded our expectations. The colour printing is perfect and when fully inflated the structure is a real eye-catcher. They are quite an unusual structure too, so will stand out against alternative structures that people regularly use. The size of the structure is also perfect as it is big enough to hold a  large party of people inside, whilst also being big enough to stand out in the field’.

The lightweight build and easy install process were also a huge selling point for the 6m Xpod. Jasmine added ‘We decided to buy an inflatable structure as they are very manageable to erect and disassemble. We do a lot of open field days in the summer and these inflatable structures will be easily transported from site to site across the season. They are also quite compact when disassembled so do not take up that much storage in the months when they are not in use’.

Jasmine also noted ‘We received excellent service from Evolution Dome. The communication throughout the process of deciding on which product to purchase to designing to delivery was flawless. All questions were answered clearly and we received a very informative demonstration of how to put up the structure. I would definitely use Evolution Dome again as they provide excellent customer service and a wide range of interesting and unique products. I would recommend the product and company to anyone looking for a good quality structure that will stand out at any event!’

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