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Our Sustainability Journey – The Story So Far

Posted by Vivid Ink | Posted on October 20, 2023

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword, it is a promise that businesses and individuals must make to ensure a greener and brighter future. At Evolution Dome, we have made sustainability a core part of our operations, continuously finding ways to become a sustainable business and reduce our environmental impact.

In our latest blog, we reflect on our journey to become a sustainable supplier, how we have grown over the past four years and what the future holds.


Starting the Journey


Our commitment to providing clients with a product and service that simplifies event set-up laid the foundation for our journey to becoming a sustainable supplier. The two greatest strengths of our inflatable Dome have always been its …

Reusability – When designing our structures, it was important for us to make a product that could be used again and again. We wanted to make structures that not only reduced client build times but also reduced material waste in the long run. 

Our domes typically last for around 7 years, but what happens when they reach their expiration date? We recycle the material to be used as storage bags and transport carriers for the new domes!

Ease of transport – One of the many advantages of inflatable structures is the unique ability to deflate them! Unlike traditional set-ups, inflatable structures can be easily packaged into one container, which reduces the resources required for transportation, ultimately decreasing the overall carbon footprint.

However, as the need for industry change continued to increase, it became apparent to us that, as suppliers, we needed to be proactive in finding new solutions to further reduce our environmental impact.


Timeline of change 


2020 marked the start of our sustainability journey, 

  • Made the shift to recycling all office and warehouse waste.
  • Converted to LED lighting across all Evolution Dome sites.
  • Achieved our ISO 14001 certification.

Between 2021 and 2023 we continued to expand on the developments made and explore how we could increase the impact of our efforts.

  • In 2021, we switched all company cars to Euro 6 standard vehicles.
  • Shortly after, we introduced an internal policy to choose digital where possible, cutting down paper waste to a minimum.
  • In early 2022, we teamed up with Callidus to develop the SPB-6500 battery packs, which drastically reduced our generator usage times. 
  • To continue our progress from 2021, we implemented changes to our Artic Trucks and vans to become Euro 6.
  • Finally, we switched our generators and heating to run on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

2023 has proven to be our most exciting year yet! So far we have …

  • Invested a further £30k to improve our solar and storage capabilities, allowing our structures to work off-grid and without generators for up to 21 hours!
  • Begun recycling 100% of the carpet we bring to events.
  • Installed 11KW 3PH solar and storage battery systems in the main office and warehouse.
  • Introduced our first fleet of electric cars.
  • Implemented our new fan system, which has cut the power consumption of our structures by 45%


What’s next? 


Over the past few years, the events industry has made great strides in its pursuit of Net Zero and we are proud to be one of the many organisations that have chosen to put sustainability at the forefront. However, we know there is still a long way to go.

For 2023 and beyond, we will continue to assess and improve our operations to find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of structures for both ourselves and our clients – working together to build a brighter future.

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