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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Posted by Ash | Posted on April 6, 2020

It is a very strange time in the world right now, we are all well aware. While every element of life and business has slowed down, in many places around the world, the environment is flourishing due to fewer movements of planes, vehicles and people.

Once normality resumes, it is our hope that many companies and individuals will be placing sustainability back at the top of the priority list looking at how to reduce an event’s carbon footprint and environmental impact on the planet – on top of being very cost-effective with business decisions.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, sustainability in events was already becoming of greater importance, and we’re pleased to have seen that many organisers are now demanding their event suppliers to think strategically about their offering and demonstrate that they themselves are putting sustainability at the heart of their business.

Here at Evolution Dome we have taken significant steps over the last 12 months to become a more sustainable business and reduce our environmental impact – all without negatively impacting our service or customer support.

Here are just a few highlights we thought you’d be interested to know:

Domes made to last

We are very proud of our inflatable structures, and the beauty of them is that they can be re-used again and again, making them an attractive proposition when it comes those looking to source event materials that have a longer-life than many trade stands and feature areas that are built from single-use materials that live only the length of the event.

Our structures have a lifespan of around seven years and their flexibility has meant that a number of organisers have been able to use the structures both inside and outdoors. In recent years, we have seen a number of event organisers ingeniously use our structures to build event structures in locations that would have never been considered “event ready” in an effort to reduce the carbon emissions of their attendees by bringing the event to them.

Read how Simply Health partnered with Evolution Dome to bring their annual conference to the company’s grounds.

And they keep going! Once our domes are no longer fit-for-purpose, we recycle the material to be used as storage bags and transport carriers for the new domes.

Conference Structures


Once deflated, our structures are tiny!

For example, did you know a 10m Panoramic dome can be reduced down to 80cm x 80cm x 60cm package weighing only 55kg meaning there is less to transport?  With only lights and other materials, we can fit an entire conference venue fit for 60 people in a Citroen Berlingo van! We recently delivered a 24m dome to be used as a breakout space for Greene King in at ExCeL London for over 300 people, with lighting and doors – all with just a 3.5 tonne van and trailer!

Our aim is always to take the smallest vehicles to make the footprint as low as possible.

At Evolution Dome HQ, we make sure we favour ‘green’ vehicles, bulk buy our own products to reduce the amount of deliveries we receive recognising that even the smallest of changes can make an impact.

Large Inflatable Structures

Power and light the dome

One of the biggest challenges we face is the need for a generator to inflate the structures throughout an event at outdoor locations where no mains supply is available (or for back up in case of power failures).  For many years we have been doing this using a diesel generator and whilst we have been looking into other options for a number of years, we are now hoping in time we can use hybrid generators. We want to do all we can to reduce the air quality across our cities.

We are always evolving and improving the things we do when it comes to sustainable processes and we endeavour to work with other like-minded companies and venues.

The energy consumption and efficiency of new products is always taken into account when purchasing – and it’s something we will scrutinise going forward.

To add to this, after use all overlay carpet is stored in house, collected and recycled so there is no wastage on our side. 


An ongoing challenge

We realise we are just one supplier, taking our own steps – but if we all continue to make the effort and put sustainability at the forefront, things will change. Each year we will sit down and assess our eco plans to make them bigger and better for the forthcoming year.

Want to know more? Check us out in the Event Industry News Sustainability Guide 2020.


As always at a time when things are uncertain, Evolution Dome is here to help and support our industry to make it even stronger and greater in the future  – so get in touch on 01487 640640 or email



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