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The Benefits of Bringing the Event to You

Posted by Ash | Posted on June 20, 2019

You’ve been tasked with organising an event or conference for your company, but you have to ensure it’s as cost effective as possible and minimal time out of the office for staff. Restrictions, no matter how big or small, can sometimes limit the venue choice, so why not think about bringing the conference to you?

An interesting idea you say, but what if I have 1,000 plus delegates and we already struggle to get a conference room space for 30 people in our office?

Well, how about outdoor space such as the carpark or other outdoor space you have located onsite?

There are so many benefits to bringing the event to the office such as cost saving (thanks to limited transport costs and the actual venue hire) and a better delegate experience as staff won’t have to travel any further to get to the venue or stay overnight at a hotel which can sometimes be disruptive and costly.

Hosting your event onsite has the added advantage of creating a totally unique experience, which is personal to the business or brand.

Want the proof it can work? Simply Health Professionals’ senior team set its events team the challenge of getting all 1,300 employees together to discuss their business plans and strategies.

Felicity Patterson, event and exhibitions project executive at the healthcare insurance provider, explained: “We were keen to ensure staff time out of the office was minimised and that we were as cost effective as possible. These objectives, combined with no local venues with anything like the space we needed, led us to exploring the option of setting up the conference in our car park.

“It also meant we could work with as many local companies as possible, looking to reduce environmental impact and boost local businesses – both of which are important to us a company.”

Patterson added that having the knowledge of the site inside out was a real plus, and it also ensured they had access to everything they needed and didn’t have to pack it up to take off site. Additionally, for staff who were phone-based assisting customers, it meant there was less impact on day-to-day business.

Feedback post-event from Simply Health’s staff was fantastic, too. Patterson concluded: “I think it’s fair to say people had no idea what to expect when they were told the event was in the car park, but they were absolutely blown away by how unusual and unique the set up felt. Months on and it’s still a real talking point in the office, it even made the local paper with a fantastic aerial image from the day! It’s absolutely something we will look to repeat in the future.”

Check out the domes in action! Watch our video here

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