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4 sensory benefits of using inflatable structures at your events

Posted by Vivid Ink | Posted on July 3, 2023

Sensory-friendly spaces have been a growing topic across many industries, ranging from internal changes in the office to creating comfortable consumer experiences. 

The events industry has been no exception. 

Over the last few years, event professionals have been taking steps to make their events more accessible for neurodiverse attendees and staff by implementing sensory-friendly spaces. These changes have ranged from revising event practises and training to the use of quiet spaces.

So, what makes a sensory-friendly space?

These spaces are primarily designed to reduce stimuli for those with sensory sensitivities or processing difficulties, which will vary between venues, attendees and event types. However, the most common types of changes include, 

  • Reducing noise 
  • Dimming lighting 
  • Creating spaces away from crowds
  • Regulating temperatures

However, these spaces don’t just benefit neurodiverse individuals. Research across multiple industries has shown that sensory-friendly areas can improve mood, reduce anxiety levels and improve focus for those with and without sensory sensitivities. 

There are many ways to create a sensory-friendly event, but choosing the right type of space is the starting point and can simplify the process.

Here are four ways inflatable structures can create sensory-friendly spaces at your next event.


Sound Reduction

From the chattering of delegates waiting for their next session to the constant buzz of attendees during a tradeshow, we have all experienced the noise and excitement that comes with events. For some, the level of noise can be deeply uncomfortable and serve as a barrier to their ability to focus and enjoy the event, creating additional challenges when trying to communicate with your target audience.

The noise reduction capabilities of inflatable structures can make a significant difference to the quality of your attendee’s experience. Inflatable structures are designed and built to reduce exterior noise, with our most recent research showing that they can reduce sounds in the range of the human voice by 12 dB reduction.

 Temperature Regulation

Whether it was an outdoor event in the peak of summer or a few hours into a packed conference hall, it’s safe to say we’ve all been to an event that was too hot for comfort. For your attendees, it can make a huge difference in retention, with research showing that higher temperatures reduce cognitive performance. 

Inflatable structures are designed to regulate temperature through insulated walls and regular airflow exchange, keeping your attendees at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. Additionally, these structures can be fitted with air conditioning to improve their experience further.

Control Of Lighting

Between venue overheads and the glow of tech and other sources, lighting at events can be a source of discomfort for many attendees. Using inflatable structures allows you to control the space by limiting the amount of light coming through. Not only can this improve physical comfort for your attendees and staff, but it also allows you to set the mood by choosing light sources that suit the needs of your space. 

When choosing lighting we suggest using LED uplights, the range of colour options allows you to further shape the atmosphere with a range of benefits for attendees. 

Here’s an interesting fact: Researchers from the University of Granada, Spain discovered that blue lighting can help you relax faster after experiencing stress. In fact, it works three times faster than traditional white lighting!

Location Flexibility

Location is a powerful tool for creating a sensory-friendly space. When too close to the main event, attendees with sensory sensitivities are stuck right in the middle of the noise, lights and heat; when too far away or when there is no space at all, events can feel isolating. 

Sometimes working with the venue layout puts organisers in the difficult position of having to choose, and sometimes there is no viable solution. Inflatable structures can serve as a compromise due to their versatile nature, as they are quick to deploy and come in a range of sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose a location in proportion to your event and its schedule.


When done right, sensory-friendly spaces are an effective way for event organisers to ensure attendees and staff feel comfortable and included at events. Choosing inflatable structures provides a versatile and effective solution to creating these spaces, with benefits such as sound reduction, temperature control, lighting flexibility, and location adaptability. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Evolution Dome can help create a sensory-friendly space for your next event, contact their team at or 01487 640640.


Image – Eventwell deployment at the Epsom Derby on June 3, 2023.

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