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Long-term temporary structure hire for events

Posted by Ash | Posted on February 28, 2020

Sometimes an event or activation calls for having a temporary structure on site for longer than a day or so and for those who may have not run a longer-term activation previously,  the world of temporary structures can be a confusing one, particularly when your temporary structure is required for more than a day.

Are you wondering what you might need for a semi-permanent basis? What factors do you need to consider?

At Evolution Dome we are experts in temporary structures, whatever the duration – days, weeks or even months, and here are our top three tips on what to consider when selecting the right structure for your next event.


Inflatable Cube Structures
CBI Conference #CBI2019

1. Flexibility is key

If you’re looking to build a temporary structure, it is important you think about how you’re going to maximise your investment, particularly if you plan to have it in place for weeks or longer.

It could be set up for a conference by day and a launch party by night. Or perhaps Santa’s Grotto in daylight hours, transforming into a Christmas party venue when the sun goes down – the décor can easily be changed, but your structure will still remain and your revenue streams will be consistent.

Select a solution which can bend and adapt to suit all your event needs. The domes are so versatile and we work with suppliers who will provide the right lighting, décor and more to change the look and feel of your structure whatever the purpose.

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Bristol Fashion Week 2019

2. Whatever the weather

No matter what the time of year, you need to make sure your structure is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws it.

From music festivals in the desert, to pop up winter festivals in Britain, Evolution Dome structures are trusted by events professionals.

Wind proofing is a must, not only to ensure your structure and its contents remains in place, but should the worst happen, also for the safety of your guests and the surrounding pedestrians. Evolution Dome structures have been tested by Structural Engineers with wind speed calculations up to 55 mph – so the assurance is there!

Also, weather can be temperamental; it could be warm one day, and then cold and breezy the next – we know how to source heaters and generators fast should things get a little chilly.

Innovate East
Evolution Dome at Innovate East

3. Get the right support

The trick to a successful long-term temporary structure hire is using experienced suppliers.

There are so many elements to guard against with a longer-term hire. Location, structure size, catering if required, and of course, AV and lighting for the duration.

Make sure you choose experienced suppliers who can offer guidance and support from the very start of the project – and that they are flexible to your needs throughout should they change.


If you are looking to find out more about hiring a long term structure, contact Evolution Dome on or call 01487 640 640.

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