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Tips to create wellness at your event

Posted by Ash | Posted on July 17, 2019

Wellness is a continuing trend in the events industry, but just how do you look after attendees? From adding ‘brain food’ to the lunch menu through to increasing wellbeing elements to shows and sessions, there’s a lot to think about on top of all of the factors involved in organising and planning.

Here at Evolution Dome we have come up with some tips to ensure you help your delegates (and your own team too!) find their zen while making the most of a conference, event or exhibition.

Outside Bar

Get with the programme

There are certain components that should always feature at any show or exhibition, and one of those is a strong education/seminar programme with interesting and motivational topics to ensure delegates are getting as much information as they can to boost their own performance. BUT how many of us want to sit for hours on end in a conference room on a Wednesday afternoon? Shake up the programme a little – many companies are already doing this and cutting down sessions to 30-45 minutes to keep attention spans. Or, if the programme and venue lend themselves, take the sessions outside, start the day later or even finish earlier. It’s not about completely changing the status quo, but a few tweaks to make the day more delegate-friendly (and organiser for that matter) will make for a happy camp all round.


Create the best space 

Naturally we think our domes are perfect for all occasions, but we think as part of a breakout/chill out zone, the structures are ideal. We like the idea of using them for different activities post show (we will come to that later), too.  Fill them with oversized cushions/beanbags and atmospheric lighting and even some soothing sounds if the technology is there.


You are what you eat

Conference and exhibition food – it’s one of those topics that is always debated, and largely because the offerings are a) really unhealthy or/and b) really expensive if delegates are forking out for their own food. Quite often you are reliant on the venue’s suppliers or on-site outlets, but if you have a say in the catering, then try to add some ‘brain food’.

It’s proven that food such as dark chocolate, grains, oily fish, nuts and seeds and berries will stimulate the brain and keep attention spans for longer. Ideal when you have back-to-back meetings or seminars, right?


Simply Health Speaking Dome

Out of the box networking

You know the drill, post-show one of the exhibitors hosts an evening drinks reception. Most people are tired and don’t fancy standing around for hours (after being on their feet all day too) and would rather kick back and relax. We know this is ‘work’ and it’s not about having a jolly when business needs to done, but how about adding some short wellbeing events at the end of the day? This could be 30-minute yoga/pilates/meditation session (again, the domes would be ideal for this!) or a motivational speaker who focuses on personal wellbeing.


These are all small changes to the norm, but we guarantee it will work wonders for the mind and productivity! Check out our case studies for more inspiration on how Evolution Dome can help you at your next event. 

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