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The 6m Dome and its many uses!

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

The 6m Dome is a highly versatile structure due to its size and unique shape. The structure measures 6m in diameter and has a floor space of 18msq. This dome differs slightly from the rest of the Evolution Dome range as it has a small entrance tunnel measuring 1.2m. This combined with the bright white exterior, gives the effect of an igloo!

The 6m inflatable igloo dome has been a very popular structure for various events and purposes. Below are a few examples of how it has been used by previous clients, as well as a few ideas of our own!

Exhibition Stand eCig Wizard recently used our 6m inflatable dome for an exhibition stand at London Olympia. We added Dacron stickers to the structure as well as coloured LED lights. The structure in itself is eye catching but combined with stickers as well as lighting, it made for an exciting and unique stand. We had great feedback from the clients as well as those attending the show.

Promotional Pod Another client used the little igloo to promote Coventry University during the summer to provide information and advice to students wishing to enrol. The structure was placed in the town centre, attracting plenty of attention as well as providing ample shelter. We used Dacron branding on this hire structure to aid in the promotion of the university.

Igloo And lastly, perhaps the most obvious use, an inflatable igloo! With the winter season fast approaching, this little structure is ideal for use as a Christmas grotto, for a party or for a Winter Wonderland themed event. The options really are endless. With the option of full print on our purchase structures and Dacron for our hire models, the inflatable igloo can be used for any occasion. This little structure can be used both indoors and outside, grass and hardstanding.

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