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Requirements for Event Structures

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

If you are trying to plan an event that runs smoothly, astounds your customers and makes your competition green with envy, go no further than Evolution Dome’s truly unique inflatable structures. Putting together an event can be a momentous task and has many aspects and elements that have to be considered. There are a number of requirements that should be thought about before deciding on your ideal structure. The perfect structure to house your event should include:

Enough space for your patrons

You need to consider what you are trying to do, and how many people you will be hosting at a time. You want to look full and busy, but not be uncomfortable or crowded. Are your patrons standing or sitting, or do you want them to be able to move around and mingle or stay seated? The size and shape of the structure should reflect all of these considerations.

Comfortable amenities

You may want to include a serving bar and space for staff, tables, and chairs of different kinds for your customers, or different areas within your area. You may want power or light, heating or cooling, music, and announcements, or all of the above. Write down all amenities you want to be able to provide to your patrons and choose an event structure that can meet your needs.

Protection from the weather

It is highly likely that you are planning your event more than six months in advance, so can’t really be sure of what the weather will present to you on the day. If your event is in summer you need to consider protection from the heat, if it’s in winter you need to think about the cold, wind and rain. Evolution Dome’s inflatable structures were built with the UK climate in mind and can be versatile and ready for anything.

To be identifiable with your product or business

Sometimes an event is secret and shrouded in mystery so that the patrons don’t know quite what they are experiencing until a big reveal at the end. Most of the time, however, you need to keep in mind that this is a promotional venture, and you want your structure to promote you in every way possible, with colour, lights, logo and branding, images and videos. Think about the essence and mission and idea of your business; how can you choose a structure to reflect these original aspects of you?

To stand out

If this is a trade event then you are one of very many, and you want people to be able to find you in a crowded arena. Choose a structure, such as the uniquely shaped inflatable structures which will stand out and can be spotted from anywhere. You do not want people to miss you and go home not even knowing you were there.

To ensure nothing goes wrong

You want to be remembered, but not necessarily infamous. You want nothing to go wrong. Planning is one part of ensuring this; anticipate all of the possible threats and challenges to a smooth running show, no matter how big or small, and then have contingency plans to ensure these don’t happen. Make sure that your customers will have all their needs met; aim to delight and surprise with everything that goes right at your one of a kind event.

Talk to our event structure specialists at Evolution Dome to ensure that you have covered everything; we may even have a few suggestions of things you haven’t considered. We have years of experience in ensuring events go exactly as planned; contact us today to see how we can help you.

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