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Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

The Evolution Dome range of inflatable structures is quickly becoming a firm favourite among festival and event organisers. The contemporary look as well as the practical aspects of the structures, such as being waterproof, 50mph wind rated and having great acoustic properties, is converting organisers from traditional tents and marquees to inflatables. Below is a selection of festival worthy structures and how they can be used at your event.

Inflatable Bar The newest member of the Evolution Dome range, the ‘Inflatable Bar and Kiosk’, is a pop-up structure with solid aluminium work surface ideal for a bar, food kiosk, or catering stall.

The inflatable bar was a huge hit at last year’s Showman’s Show with clients impressed at the robust build quality and contemporary design of the structure. The 6m model used at the show can be packed down and transported in van allowing for quick install and de-rig, as well as a highly mobile structure that can be taken on a road show or tour. The sealed air design in PVC means that the bar is fully waterproof and does not require constant power to remain inflated. Once the aluminium work top is installed the structure is extremely sturdy and even has a back area separated by a wall to allow for storage and prep. There is plenty of room for fridges and other catering equipment. Structures can be made to order depending on the requirements of clients.

Fluid Scarab Our Fluid Scarab is a huge 24m x 48m structure, capable of holding up to 2000 people including stage, lighting and sound. This structure was used at the first Winter Social Festival with great feedback from both organisers and those attending the event. The Fluid Scarab is fully waterproof, is wind rated up to 55mph and can be installed in just 5 hours on grass. A huge feat when compared to structures of a similar size. It has no truss, just a framework of sealed air beams as well as constant air flowing through, meaning it is fully air supported – no metal work! The huge air structure has great acoustics due to the dome shape and also insulates sound incredibly well due to the double layer design. It can lower sound by around 20db meaning neighbours are less likely to complain about noise!

24m Dome & 20m Cube The 20m cube and the 24m dome are the largest we have in our range, in their respective categories. Both have an incredibly large floor area and can be installed in a matter of a few hours. The structures are waterproof, 55mph wind rated and have great sound properties. The structures have been used at several festivals with great results. The integrated lighting makes for a great feature stage and can complement any theme perfectly.

Luna | Seating Area | Inflatable Structure

Luna Our Luna model comes in two sizes, 5.5m wide and 7.5m. Both structures are a firm favourite with our clients due to their versatility and unique design. Our Lunas can be used both indoors and outdoors, are fully waterproof, can be illuminated from within in any colour required and can be installed in less than 15 minutes. The Luna is a great idea for chill out and VIP areas at festivals, providing enough coverage to protect against bright sunshine or in worst cases, wind and rain. The open front means that those inside can listen to music and be a part of the atmosphere while having a few moments to chill in a cosy and comfortable environment.

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