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Covid Secure Temporary Structures

Posted by Ash | Posted on July 28, 2021

As the UK begins to get back to a new normal and restrictions are lifting what are the challenges Event organisers, Agencies and venues still face!?
Last week we saw the UK restrictions lifted and a sense of normal come back to the UK. While masks are not mandatory and venues restrictions are eased, we still all have a responsibility…

From organisers introducing one way systems, exhibitions designed with larger isles and additional sanitising in all aspects of life one of the main points that should be considered is good ventilation. Government guidelines state that at a minimum the air within a structure or venue should be changed 5 times every hour.

One of the largest challenges facing event organisers and Temporary Structure providers at present is managing to provide enough fresh air into an environment to meet current guidelines. Permanent venues have been able to make small changes to the air conditioning and building management systems to provide a solution, but for temporary structures, this can be a little more challenging, costly, and unsightly….

Ash Austin from Evolution Dome explains how the company has worked to make sure its Range of Inflatable Structures are Covid Secure:

“Evolution Domes Range of Temporary inflatable structures are by their nature inflated from fresh air from outside. The characteristics of the structure allow its own natural air exchange to take place without any additional changes. In models and data, we have been able to show that an inflatable structure is naturally exchanging the air up to 3 times every hour. Something that in a previous time offered little to no benefit, but in the current climate means very little additional work is actually needed to be carried out to ensure the structures meet the current guidelines.

Evolution Dome is the largest and most trusted supplier of Temporary Inflatable Structures in the world today. If you are looking to find out more about hiring a long term structure, contact Evolution Dome on or call 01487 640 640.

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