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Safety and comfort – 4 reasons to choose an Evolution Dome inflatable structure

Posted by Vivid Ink | Posted on January 19, 2024

Used indoors and out, temporary structures are a popular solution for increasing capacity and providing private or separate areas at live activations, sporting events, exhibitions and conferences and offer great versatility and convenience to event organisers.

Inflatable temporary structures build on these advantages, boasting faster deployment and breakdown times, safety-assured construction and materials, and guaranteed protection against all but the worst weather conditions.


Here are 4 ways Evolution Dome structures are designed and built to ensure safety and comfort at your events:


Proven Quality and Fire Safety Credentials.

Although thankfully rare, unintended fires can spread extremely quickly through lightweight temporary structures, with terrible consequences for life and livelihoods. 

Every Evolution Dome Structure is constructed using fire retardant materials that meet or exceed minimum international standards including BS7837: 1996, BS13501: 2007 in the UK and NFPA 701 Method 1 & 2 in the US.


Proven wind resistance.

Temporary structures are at risk from high winds owing to their relatively low mass and high wind resistance. High winds can flatten structures or even send them flying through the air with disastrous results. Proven wind resistance is essential for outdoor temporary structures.

All Evolution Dome outdoor inflatable structures are tested to withstand wind conditions up to severe gales of 55 mph. Evolution Dome’s semi-permanent structures will even withstand storm-force winds of up to 70 mph!


Low-risk, high-efficiency setup

Building a traditional temprary structure using panels and frames typically involves some working at height and with tools and lifting equipment for some time, increasing the risk of injuries from machines, falling or lifting heavy objects. 

Evolution Dome’s inflatable structures, conversely, are very quick to deploy and pack away and can be erected with a small team or even a single person in a few hours helping to minimise exposure to risks, while inflating a complete structure is a much simpler and safer operation than constructing one from many parts.


Insulated and protected for comfort.

Outdoor events are naturally subject to all kinds of weather, and temporary structures have a reputation for being less resilient than their permanent counterparts. Structures composed of many joined parts can be prone to leaks and offer little in the way of thermal protection or insulation thanks to the thin, lightweight materials used in their construction.

Evolution Dome’s structures are completely watertight by design and offer terrific thermal insulation thanks to their sealed, air-filled construction. This means that, with safety-compliant doors installed, a consistent indoor environment can be maintained in conditions of extreme heat or cold, ensuring the comfort and well-being of all visitors. Additionally, Evolution Dome’s inflatable structures have the bonus of offering considerable insulation against noise – helping to create quieter spaces in busy, noisy environments.


To learn more about what Evolution Dome can do for you, contact the team at or call 01487 640640.

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