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4 Common pain points faced by event organisers when choosing temporary structures

Posted by Vivid Ink | Posted on May 29, 2023

If you look for the statistics on the number of visitors that the event industry attracts every year, you’ll be met with pages and pages of data focused on specific sectors, and citing figures from thousands to millions of attendees. In general, it’s estimated that around 85 million people attend events in the UK each year

Those staggering numbers reflect the wide scope of the events industry. This presents event organisers with a diverse range of challenges when planning a distinctive and memorable experience for their attendees. 

Whether it’s a festival or an exhibition, each event demands careful planning to find suppliers that meet the checklist of operational and visitor needs. The variation of event types can make finding suppliers a complex task, which is especially true for temporary structures. 

The four most common pain points

While no two events run the same, in our experience, the challenges organisers face when choosing suppliers often boil down to costs, productivity and people. We’ve highlighted four of the most common pain points our clients have faced when choosing temporary structures, and how inflatable structures can provide a solution.


1. Long Set-Up Times


Problem: In the past, the setup of temporary structures has consumed a great deal of time and resources, requiring trained teams several days to build them and break them back down. However, when time is limited, the planning and management required become additional and unwanted sources of pressure.

Solution: Inflatable structures are an easy-to-deploy solution that obviate many of the logistic concerns. Depending on the type of structure chosen, inflation time can range anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day, saving a significant portion of the build time that can be put to good use focusing on other areas.


2. Limited Space 


Problem: Some venues are repurposed out of existing or historic structures and feature narrow entry points, awkward spaces and limited vehicle access, creating severe logistical challenges in setting up temporary structures within and incurring time penalties and additional expense as a result.

Solution: The strength of inflatable structures comes from their flexibility throughout the whole process. The structures fit into lightweight boxes that take can be manoeuvred easily through tight entry points or through older venues that need a gentle touch. 

Inflatable structures also come in a range of sizes and styles that can be catered to your event needs. When space is limited domes can be used to create new outdoor venues, and interior walls can be added to break apart the space while working around the layout of the venue. 


3.  Visitor Comfort


Problem: Figuring out which temporary structure best suits an event can be difficult because of the variety of factors at play. For the best experience possible, structures need to ensure that visitors feel comfortable, and that entails considering a wide range of factors from temperature to noise levels.

Solution:  Not only do inflatable structures provide visual interest to visitors, with highly customisable exteriors, but they also offer a range of features to ensure they remain comfortable and safe.

The airbeam technology used in inflatable structures is designed to protect people from the elements and offers a completely weatherproof enclosure, able to resist wind speeds of up to 55pmh. 


4. Noise


Problem: The noise from outside or other areas of the event can be distracting and has created barriers to retaining attendee attention. In some cases, the structures chosen have directly contributed to the issue by bleeding in sounds and lacking acoustics to carry our content.

Solution: When you want the attention and focus of your delegates, noise from machinery, crowds, PA systems, and even heavy rain can be an unwanted distraction from your content.

Inflatable structures are, by virtue of their materials and construction, able to reduce exterior noise by 20dB or more in certain ranges. These noise reduction effects are strongest in the vocal range, enabling greater clarity of content against a range of nuisance sounds.


Choosing the right temporary structure for your event can be a complex process but inflatable structures can simplify matters for you. Whether you’re looking to maximise available space, cut down on build and breakdown time, or create the perfect attendee experience, inflatable structures are convenient solutions to common pain points facing your events. 

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