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12m Cube used for ‘Refreshers Week’ events at the University of West London

Posted by Ash | Posted on March 23, 2018

Evolution Dome experienced a very busy January with several structures being installed across the UK and Europe. The University of West London was one of their many clients, hiring a 12m cube with flooring, carpet, glass doors and heating for their ‘Refreshers Week’ event.

Loren from the UWL events team got in touch with Evolution Dome to find a structure suitable for hosting several very unique events across ‘Refreshers Week’. The requirement came about as a result of January being a very period in the university calendar, with available space being quickly booked up. The alternative was to bring the events outside into the carpark area of the university. Loren was also keen to use a different structure to the marquees that they had used previously mentioning that the 12m cube ‘was not only a cheaper option, but also a much more exciting option!’

The Refreshers Week consisted of fitness classes, a refreshers fair and puppy rooms. The students were lucky enough to spend some relaxing time with puppies from a local shelter with the option to adopt them! As a result of the varied events, it was important to have a structure that was not only safe for students, employees, and pups too, but also comfortable. This was achieved through providing glass and aluminium lockable doors, which kept the puppies safe inside and prevented any noise from over spilling into the university grounds. The heating also helped to combat the cold January weather and made the structure cosy and comfortable for everyone using it. Loren pointed out that the both structure and heating exceeded her expectations saying that ‘the heating was also much more than we expected’ and the cube was ‘much more of an attraction than the marquee we usually have’.

When asked for feedback, Loren was very happy with the service provided, saying that the Evolution Dome team provided ‘great service, fast, efficient and professional’ and that she would be keen to use inflatable structures and Evolution Dome again in the future – ‘100%, it’s definitely a way forward, especially in the student union as we are fast outgrowing our space.’

It was a pleasure working the events team at the University of West London, Students Union, we hope to be hack again soon to help with many more great events.

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