15m Airoof

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15m Airoof Stage Cover | White with Silver Sealed Air Beams | £6,500+VAT

The 15m Airoof is a medium-sized inflatable event structure with 78sqm of usable floor space. The inflatable Airoof stage cover is capable of accommodating up to 86 seated in conference/theatre style, or 140 standing. It can be used with the sides taken out to create a canopy/stage cover, or have the walls installed it create a 15x6m enclosed space.

The Airoof can be installed in as little as two hours by a small crew of two, and it is fully waterproof and 55mph wind rated. Sealed Air Beams are integral to the inflatable structure design, providing it with extra strength in severe weather conditions.

The 15m Airoof is in condition 2 (on a scale of 1-3) meaning that it is in perfect working order with a small number of marks/repairs. For more information about the dome event structure, visit the 15m Airoof page.

We currently have one 15m Airoof available for sale. For further information, please contact us.

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