Three Reasons To Choose Our Meeting Pods For Your Events In 2019

A mixture of events, displays and exhibition stands are often organised and packaged together at one time to ensure that every visitor or attendee has opportunities to discover. It could be a large-scale exhibition, a community event, Conference or anything in between, but these areas must be effectively planned. Our job at Evolution Dome is to help you with our indoor meeting pods which can be used, adjusted and changed to the suit the various needs of your organisation and your event space.

Our meeting pods are a great way to combine the easy nature of hiring products for your event with the assurances of quality that we can offer at Evolution Dome. There are a number of reasons why companies choose to invest in these products, but here are three vital ones to entice you:

  1. Stop noise travelling: The most integral reason for choosing our meeting pods and breakout areas is to stop noise travelling. This means that things such as conferences, gift shops, demonstrations and more can be hosted simultaneously.
  2. Create unique spaces for visitors to discover: The user experience is paramount for any event, and our unique, spacious and well-lit meeting pods will offer diverse and interesting experiences.
  3. Make your event into a spectacle: Events in 2019 do not merely need to be informative, they need to make a lasting impression on every visitor. Our meeting pods allow for customisation and a variety of different spaces to be created with ease.

If you would like to discover more about our meeting pods at Evolution Dome, get in contact with us today.

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