Three Features Of Our Indoor Inflatable Domes

If you could order something guaranteed to improve your event, its organisation, its acoustics or its appearance, you would do it in a heartbeat. Our indoor inflatable domes are perfectly placed to give you the ideal combination of these elements and much more.

At Evolution Dome we have been delivering and installing these indoor inflatable domes to support conferences, events, product launches and exhibitions across the UK and the world for a number of years.

What three features of our indoor inflatable domes make them a great investment?

No matter the event, number of attendees or the budget you have outlined, you will be able to gain these three benefits with our indoor inflatable domes:

  1. Soundproofed and improved acoustics: Any event with guest speakers, bands and music will want good acoustics. Our inflatable domes are designed to stop noise bleed and can lay claim to wholesome acoustics whatever size of dome you choose.
  2. Appearance upgrade: Traditional indoor marquees are limited when it comes to appearance. Our indoor inflatable domes can be implemented with lighting and the large floor space means more extravagant ideas can be added.
  3. Easy to install and dismantle: From one-day conferences to weekend-long events, our inflatable domes are simple to install and can be dismantled simply.

Whatever the size of your event or the indoor area you have available, our inflatable domes could be the ideal solution.

Speak with us to discuss your specific needs and find the right product for your event.

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