Three Benefits Of Our Inflatable Conference Theatres For Your Event

Trusted, selected and chosen repeatedly, our inflatable conference theatres are a vital aspect of the work we perform at Evolution Dome. As a design and development that aimed to cut out the common problems with noise, wind protection and setup times with traditional marquees and outdoor theatres, we are certain you will feel, hear and see the difference.

Available in sizes from 6m through to 24m our inflatable conference theatres are used for events across the world. Conferences are hugely important events in your sector or your business and can be the catalyst to a brighter future.

To help you make the most of those potential investors and businesspeople, here are three benefits of our inflatable conference theatres at Evolution Dome:

  1. Installation times: Our conference theatres at Evolution Dome can be installed and de-rigged quicker than traditional styles, giving you flexibility and, preciously, more time to setup your event.
  2. Insulation and temperature control: Outdoors or indoors, you can keep the whole conference theatre temperature-controlled with its insulated walls.
  3. Suited to your event: Our inflatable conference theatres can be tailored to the number of people attending your conference. From 20 through to 900, we can help you to choose the right theatre size for your needs.

To discuss which size of conference theatre would be applicable for your event with our team, speak with one of our helpful staff members today.

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