Three Assurances Of Our Inflatable Conference Theatres

A conference is an important event for any company and organisation, no matter the sector. The knowledge, updates and developments that can be discussed and imparted to industry professionals, interested parties, investors and more will turn it into a big event for any business involved. If you are tasked with setting up and organising a conference venue, you will want something with a catch-all solution.

Our inflatable conference theatres at Evolution Dome have been helping companies to create a bespoke and useful area for their customers, investors, staff and visitors to enjoy the conference without any problems.

How do we ensure that our conference theatres are ideal for every kind of event?

  • Sound: Conferences will invariably have music, large PA systems and, hopefully, applause from attendees. This cacophony of noise can be controlled by the soundproofing our conference theatres offer. Our inflatable domes aim to create acoustics that surround the space, rather than bleed out.
  • Size: Our conference theatres come in an array of sizes which are ideal for hosting audiences from 20 people through to 900. We will discuss your options together to ensure you get ample room for your event to prosper.
  • Break-out options: A conference event will often coincide with your need to maximise your branding, offer your products and provide more information about your company. However, you will not want to do this in the same room. Our break-out rooms will allow visitors to explore a separate space without affecting the conference event.

To discover more about our inflatable conference theatres at Evolution Dome, speak with us today.

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