Temporary Conference Structure

Top three reasons to choose our temporary conference structures for your next event

If you’re someone who has the task of hosting a conference or event, then you’ll know that a large part of its success comes down to the location and the venue. Once you’ve decided where, you need to think of the how.

How can you make it unique to you? How can you fit everyone in comfortably and make sure you have no interruptions?

Well, here at Evolution Dome, we are here to answer all those questions with the help of our inflatable structures, and here’s how:

Fantastic acoustics: Traditional marquees bleed a lot of sound and do often not have acoustics that carry. Our secure inflatable domes create fuller acoustics which are perfect for a wide range of events.

Simple and easy to install on almost any ground: Rapid to setup, simple to take down and easy to transport, you can gain a range of benefits for the speed of your event.

Insulation benefits: To complement the acoustics, the inflatable domes we supply possess great insulation attributes to keep people inside warm throughout the event.

So, to speak to us about your next event and how you can utilise our inflatable structures, get in touch via our website today.

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