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Stage Covers

Evolution Dome offers a range of Inflatable stage covers to suit all events.

Starting with the largest the ESP measuring 24m x 24m and capable of holding a 15m wide stand down the Airoof which comes in both 11m and 15m widths.

The Inflatable Stage Covers can be installed in a matter of hours by a small team and offer a great alternative to the usual structures which take weeks to build. Offering a quick build and de-rig time, easy to transport and brilliant acoustics it is clear to see the way in which stage covers are moving.

As all of Evolution Domes Inflatable Structures, all stage covers come with a huge 55MPH wind rating and can be installed on grass or hardstanding.

Offering a Stage cover suitable for a Christmas light switch on or the massive ESP-2400 Suitable to large festivals there is a solution for all types of events. With the quick install and de-rig times, this is a cost-effective solution for most outdoor events.

Inflatable Stage Cover

Our Award-Winning Structures

ESP 2400 Stage Cover

Wind Rated to 55 MPH and can be installed in under 2 hours the are multiple uses and events this structure can be used for

Perfect for:


Corporate Events

Open Air Theatre

Stage Cover

15m Airoof

The 15m Airoof is available in a both 6m & 8m depths and can be seamlessly joined together to make larger spaces

Perfect for:

Corporate Fun days


Event Activations

Town Centre Events

11m Airoof

The 11m Airoof is available in 6m depths and they can be joined together to make larger expanses of space 

Perfect for:

Stage Cover

Brand Activations

Comunity Events

Promotional Events

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