Quality Inflatable Structures

Want to know what makes our inflatable structures so unique?

Simply put, our inflatable structures offer cutting edge technology that you just don’t get with any other inflatable structure.

The Air Beam systems were in design for three years, with experts taking their time and making tweaks to ensure it was ready for market. What’s so unique about the Air Beam is that supports itself, meaning if an accident strikes or the power fails, the structure will retain its shape.

What’s more, the framework can also handle high winds, with our inflatable structures having an incredible 55MPH wind rating. When you factor in the modular door design and the overall look and feel of our inflatable structures, you can see why so many people choose Evolution Dome to host events across the country.

So, how can we help you?

Here at Evolution Dome we want to be part of your next event, no matter the size or location. If you’re looking for a strong, reliable, and weatherproof structure to hold your event, we are the people to choose.

We’ll work around your needs and work incredibly hard to make sure your day is a complete success.

To get started with your Evolution Dome, simply get in contact with us, either by giving us a ring on the number: 01487 640640.

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