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Client: One Planet Consultants Renewable energy specialists, OPC, are leading independent consultants in the renewable energy sector. They provide clear, concise advice on a wide range of renewable energy technologies and cater to private homeowners as well as developers and businesses.

Branded 10m Dome Temporary Structure

The Brief: OPC required a branded structure to take to exhibitions around the UK. They were keen to have a globe design printed on to their structure to incorporate the design of their logo and their ethos of sustainable living and caring for the planet. The structure had to be large enough to provide room for equipment on display, as well as information boards and seating for meetings. It was crucial that the structure was easy to transport from one event to the next, as well as being easy to install and de-rig, allowing quick set up at each exhibition.

The Solution: Evolution Dome structures are fully air-supported, allowing them to be packed down quickly and efficiently. The Evolution team advised OPC that the 57sqm 10m Dome would be the perfect structure for use indoors as well as outside. With the addition of a printed cover, it would provide the branding required to attract clients to the stand as well as being unique and eye-catching, allowing OPC to stand out at every show.

Branded 10m Dome

The Result: The 10m Dome has proven to be an effective exhibition stand for OPC, providing a sheltered area within which to work, for outdoor events, as well as creating a high level of brand engagement. The printed cover, with detailed globe print, has been well received and fits the brand dynamic perfectly. The extra benefit of using the cover means that OPC can replace this in future with different designs depending on the event and target audience.

Fast installation times and ease of use has allowed the dome to be transported throughout the UK to various events, taking place both inside and out.

The 57sqm structure is the perfect size to accommodate all of OPC's requirements and can be set up in just an hour by a small crew of two.

Products: 10m Dome & Printed Cover

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