The Jockey Club – Case Study

Case Study | Aintree Jockey Club Aintree Racecourse is home to the annual Grand National race. This is one of the most famous races in the horse racing calendar, with horses jumping 30 fences. It attracts thousands of spectators both at the race course near Liverpool, and those watching the live broadcast. | Product: Jockey Club, Aintree, use 10m Dome at the Grand National 2017 & 2018

Client - The Jockey Club

The Brief:

The Jockey Club required a small structure inside the race course to create a special VIP area. The structure would need to be waterproof, wind resistant in case of bad weather and well insulated for comfort should it become cold. As well as having the practical requirements, the structure would also need to be elegant in appearance and not distract from the race.

The Solution:

The Jockey Club approached Evolution Dome with their brief for the event. Evolution Dome suggesting using the 10m dome. The dome is a great structure for outdoor events. It has a 55mph wind rating and is fully waterproof. Complete with glass push bar doors, flooring and carpet, it can be turned into a comfortable and cosy space for events. The unique design of the dome is clean and modern and can blend into most environments. Quick install and de-rig times mean that it is perfect for weekend events with a quick turnaround time.

The Result:

The 10m done was installed the day prior to the Grand National weekend. Flooring with carpet was laid onto the grass and glass doors were added to create a more private feel as well as stopping noise and cold from outside. A TV and soft furnishings were set up in the structure for guests to relax and watch the races. The Jockey Club was happy with the results and how well the 10m dome served its purpose.

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