Datatag – Case study

Case Study | Datatag is an award winning Electronic Security Identification System for Motorcycles. Datatag has made a major impact on reducing theft with a 100% successful prosecution rate when evidence has been supplied by Datatag. | Product: Datatag Pop up Retail unit for UK Roadshow

Client - Datatag

The Brief:

Datatag attends many trade exhibitions, motorbike shows and marketing events around the UK where they look to grow sales, knowledge of the product and of course brand awareness. The team had the constant battle of setting up at exhibitions, finding a waterproof cover at the shows and something was going to make them stand out and be able to engage with their audience at events.


The Solution:

Evolution Dome drew up visuals and proposed a branded Pop up Structure in the shape Luna. Easy to install, Waterproof and most definitely going to help them stand out and engage at any event or Exhibition. Providing a generous 12Sqm of space inside when packed down will fit into the boot of a car.

The Result:

The Bespoke Branded Pop Up Structure has showcased Datatag at many a motorcycle show and exhibition across the UK and continues to showcase the work that Datatag is known for, promote the brand and help them engage with their audience. We have received some great feedback, the design and the structure is very on point with the company and their branding.

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