Butlins – Case Study

Case Study | Butlin's seaside town resorts are among Britain's most famous holiday destinations. With over 80 years experience in creating safe, happy and fun holiday camps for families, Butlin's has become synonymous with great entertainment, activities and a perfect family atmosphere. With regular expansions to resorts, new hotels as well as facilities, Butlin's stays on top of trends to provide their guests with the best experience possible. | Product: Branded Structure

Client - Butlin's - Minehead, Bognor Regis and Skegness

The Brief:

The Butlin’s ‘Little Library’, in association with Campbell books, idea came about with the aim of encouraging children to read. With plenty of families passing through the resorts across the Easter and Summer holidays, Butlin’s were keen to implement this additional facility as quickly as possible across its three sites – Bognor Regis, Skegness and Minehead. The spaces would have to be temporary to enable Butlin’s to remove them once the season was finished and they had other events happening within the resorts. The Pop Up Structures would also have to provide a level of noise insulation to create a quiet and relaxing space within which to read. One of the most important features was to attract the attention of children and encourage them to use the space.

The Solution:

Having worked with inflatable structures in the past with great success, Butlin’s approached Evolution Dome with the above brief. Taking this information on board, Evolution Dome offered a two-fold solution. Step one was to create the spaces themselves. The 8m Panoramic was the perfect option for this. Providing 40sqm of space, and room for 44 seated, it was the ideal size to create a cosy feel, with plenty of space for books and a reading area for several children. The unique, curved design of the Panoramic was also beneficial in creating an exciting and fun area for children. Step two consisted of branding the structure with the ‘Little Library’ logo and artwork, to provide an easily identifiable area that was eye-catching and attractive to children. Evolution Dome was able to do this by printing covers to fit perfectly over the Panoramic structures. The covers were made to measure. Once on the Panoramics, they fit snugly and made the structures look as though they had been printed directly. The added benefit of the covers was that the Pop Up Structures could be used again for other events, since taking off the covers would fully remove the artwork, leaving being a plain white dome. Another amazing benefit of using inflatables over standard structures is their innate ability to insulate and absorb sound. This was ideal for creating a quiet den, perfect for relaxing and reading.

The Result:

Butlin’s loved the idea of pop-up, Panoramic pods being used to create the ‘Little Libraries’. Once Butlin’s submitted their artwork, logos and ideas, the Evolution Dome in-house design team created some renders to show the team exactly what their pods would look like and how they would work. With a green light on the Panoramic structures, Evolution Dome expertly printed the bright and colourful artwork along with logos onto the covers. Once ready, the Evo team delivered the covers and installed them along with the Panoramic structures, providing training for the Butlin’s team involved. The feedback from Butlin’s was great, the structures fulfilled their purpose and added an exciting new space within the resorts. The Panoramic ‘Little Libraries’ looked amazing and attracted plenty of visitors to read, play and enjoy the unique space. They will be up for use over the summer period.

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