BMW – Case Study

Case Study | The BMW group recently launched their newest range of vehicles, which are eco-friendly and electric powered. The new and innovative i-Series had its launch in the UK earlier this year. | Product: 10m Domes and 14m Domes used for the BMW i-Series Launch

Client - BMW

The Brief:

Evolution Dome was approached by a creative agency on behalf of BMW, to help create a unique and modern space for the launch of their new i-Series, electric car range. The UK unveiling of the cars was to take place at the ICC in Liverpool, with several vehicles on display, as well as talks and information about the new range.

The creative team wanted to make full use of the large hall they had booked at the ICC Liverpool as well as incorporate clearly divided areas for each car model and corresponding seminar spaces. It was important to create an easy flow from one area to the next, as well as create seminar rooms that would prevent noise from travelling as the seminars would all be in progress at the same time.

They required the seminar rooms to be installed around the cars on display. This all had to be done within a 12 hour period to allow other contractors to access the venue and the seminar theatres.

The Solution:

Evolution Dome suggested using several of their inflatable structures to create individual spaces and divide the large hall into small, clearly defined areas. The inflatable range of structures is brilliant at noise insulation, allowing them to be placed closely together, without the worry of noise over spilling from one to another. With the addition of doors, the structures can become perfect seminar rooms, providing a quiet and private area, away from all the noise and chaos of the main event space.

The Result:

Six 10m domes and two 14m domes were installed in the venue in just 6 hours. This is a total of over 600sqm of structures installed by a core crew of just 10. The venue had already been carpeted meaning that the install crew had to move each structure, doors and lighting into position by hand. The lightweight nature of the domes meant that this was not a issue for the crew and they were able to complete the install on time. Evolution Dome installed each dome with blue LED lights to match the infamous BMW logo. The domes allowed all of the seminars to take place without any noise issues, both inside and outside of the structures. Several domes placed together broke up the large hall and created a nice layout, allowing guests to walk through with ease. The unique and modern design of the domes worked perfectly with the cutting edge technology on display by BMW. The whole event had a futuristic and modern feel.

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