Ben & Jerrys – Case Study

Case Study | Ben & Jerry's are one of the most famous ice cream brands around. The image of the company is fun and colourful with weird and wonderful names for the flavours of ice-cream they produce. | Product: Bespoke Printed Luna

Client - Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

The Brief:

B & J approached us with the idea of doing a promotional tour in a small pop-up structure throughout the summer period. They required heavy branding, a unique design as well as shelter from the sun or rain, depending on weather conditions. The structure had to be easy to transport and quick to install.

The Solution:

Evolution Dome suggested the Luna pod. It is one of the most popular structures in the range as it is incredibly versatile. The Luna can be installed in as little as 20 minutes by one person. Complete with flooring and carpet, it provides the perfect space for a small pop-up shop or information point. The Luna can also be fully branded meaning the whole outside surface area can be used to create a unique and eye-catching advert for the business. B & J were keen to have their cow logo incorporated into the design of the structure to make it easily identifiable as the B&J pod.

The Result:

Evolution Dome produced a bespoke version of the standard Luna model, with the B&J cow, sat on top of the structure. The cow logo was incorporated into the inflatable structure making it 3D and allowing it to stand out and be easily spotted. The rest of the structure was fully printed in B&J branding, with bright colours and design. The Luna is easy to install and can be transported in a small van along with all the items required for the tour, making it easy and manageable for two people to carry out the tour alone. The quick install and de-rig times mean that it can be moved around from day to day with ease. B&J were happy with the end result and the Luna was ideal for the purpose it served.

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