Case Study | Vindis Group use 15m cube for the launch of their new showroom in Huntingdon

Client - Vindis Audi

Vindis Audi are a premier car dealership with several locations across the Midlands and East of England. They had just finished work on their amazing new showroom in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and were keen to put on an equally impressive launch party for the occasion.

The Brief: The launch party was to host staff, customers and some of the local business community. Senior Marketing Co-ordinator, Simone Gill, told us that she required a 'base for the music and seating, and where a presentation could be held'. Since the new show room was designed to a high spec, with a modern and futuristic feel, Vindis were keen to have this continued throughout the event and the structure itself. The practical aspect of the event also required the structure to be weatherproof in case of rain.

The launch event had a very short turn around - one day! This was as a result of Vindis having been let down at the last minute and requiring a quick build Temporary Structure, capable of holding the capacity required, along with the furniture and AV.

Inflatable Temporary Structure

The Solution: After speaking to Simone Gill at Vindis, it was decided that the 15m cube would be the best option for the event. With 185sqm of space and a quick install time of just 4 hours, the cube was capable of holding the seating area, music, AV and entertainment for the evening. The quick turnaround time allowed Vindis to dress the inside of the Inflatable structure, with plenty of time to spare before the big event.

The added benefits of using a Inflatable Temporary Structures included the quick installation and de-rig times, vastly shorter than other structure of similar size. Inflatable structures also have a very unique look and design, very much in keeping with the new Vindis showroom.

The Evolution Dome range of structures is fully waterproof and has a wind rating of 55mph. This makes the structures ideal for use outdoors, in almost any conditions.

The Result: Once installed and lit with LED lights, Simone Gill, of Vindis said, the 15m cube created a 'wow factor when everyone entered the event, which was in keeping with our building structure'. It was 'above and beyond' the teams expectations. Evolution Dome sprang to action and 'saved the day after we got let down last minute, and created something much more than we imagined!'

The 15m cube delivered the perfect space required for the event, as well as the added bonus of being an impressive focal point in itself, and fitting in with the theme and design of the brand new showroom. Simone was kind enough to comment that the service she received was 'An excellent service from start to finish. They couldn’t have been more helpful or cooperative' and would 'definitely' use Evolution Dome again for future events.

Products: 15m Cube with LED lights

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