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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Inflatable Structures for Your Next Event

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Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should choose inflatable structures for your next event.

Our inflatable structures will protect your clients against heat, cold, rain, snow and even winds up to 55mph. You can plan an event outdoors and know that the unpredictable English weather is not going to ruin your plans.

Summer Structures

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Summer 2017 is around the corner, and with that comes the unpredictable British weather. One minute, glorious sunshine, and the next a massive downpour. At Evolution Dome, we have you covered. Whether your event is small and unique, or on a large scale with a huge turnout, we have temporary inflatable structures perfect for your event.

Branding. Full print, Cover or Dacron?

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Branding is very important to many of our clients. From organising large conferences and exhibitions, to creating exciting product launches, branding helps to bring a personal touch to a variety of events with branded Temporary Structures.

Inflatable Structure FAQs

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Evolution Dome has a huge range of inflatable structures. Some are small, ideal for creating private meeting rooms, and some are vast, like our Fluid Scarab, which make a great festival venue.

Alcumus SafeContractor Certified Inflatable Structures

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Evolution Dome is now officially Safe Contractor certified via the Alcumus SafeContractor scheme. Having always made health and safety a priority within the workplace and on-site, it seemed like the natural next step to have this made official with a highly recognised and respected accreditation.

University of West London - 12m Cube

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Evolution Dome experienced a very busy January with several structures being installed across the UK and Europe.

Branded Structure for Wall’s Sausages

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Promotional tours are a great way of launching a new product or refreshing a brand. Visiting prime locations and targeting your audience face-to-face is a unique way of selling your brand.

Large Temporary Structure used at University Open Day

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We’re pleased to have delivered some memorable and thrilling events for a wide range of customers, including local councils, corporate clients, PLC’s and some of the world’s biggest event organisers.

KWS Fully Branded X-Pod

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KWS review their new 6m branded inflatable pop up structure supplied by market leader Evolution Dome......Read More