Looking For Corporate Marquee Hire?

Do you need a large meeting space for your business? Invest in our trusted alternative to corporate marquee hire direct from the professionals at Evolution Dome.

Large inflatable structures can be a great way to give your attendees somewhere to host meetings and conferences in a temporary professional setting. Their easy installation is ideal if you’re in a hurry to find the perfect space, but can’t find a venue within your budget.

Here are three reasons why you should choose our large inflatable structures:

  • Sizes – Our large inflatable structures in particular come in a range of sizes. From the fluid scarab at 780m2 to the ESP 2400 at 400m2 , you can have the exact one you need for your meeting, exhibition or other type of event.
  • Standing capacity – Large standing capacities mean you can hire the structure to ensure all attendees can enter the structure with little hassle. With one of the largest capable of allowing 1560 to stand inside it, you can trust in the space to be a perfect place for your potential or current business partners to gather for the event.
  • Brand – You can choose to have your branding placed onto the structure to ensure you can have positive representation and additional marketing of your business. It can also show attendees how much you have done to ensure they enter a professional space and know exactly who they’re dealing with go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

You can call us on one of our office numbers near you to find out more. We supply inflatable domes across the globe. Alternatively, you can take a look through our website to see what other domes we have available.

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