• 20m Inflatable Marquee
  • 20m Inflatable Marquee
  • 20m Inflatable Marquee
  • 20m Inflatable Marquee
  • 20m Inflatable Marquee
  • 20m Inflatable Marquee

20m cube

An impressive 345.8mqs of usable floor space in this Inflatable Marquee


inflatable structure power 32Amp

power 32Amp

4h installation

4h installation

55mph wind rated

standing capacitystanding capacitystanding capacitystanding capacitystanding capacity

standing capacity 691

conference capacity 426

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About the 20m cube

The 20m Inflatable Marquee is the biggest of our cube structures, with an impressive 345.8mqs of usable floor space. It is a great alternative to classic marquee and tent designs and can be used for a variety of events ranging from weddings and parties to conferences and festivals. The structure has a great contemporary design making it a stand out structure in any setting.

The 20m Inflatable Marquee has a footprint of 400msq. It can hold a maximum of 691 people, standing room and approximately 426 when seated conference style with stage. The inflatable marquee has two large doorways measuring just over 4m in width and nearly 2.5m in height. Our 20m inflatable cube measures 8m at its highest point making for a very roomy and spacious event venue.

Suggested usage for 20m cube

Our 20m cube is a versatile structure, with it’s contemporary design, and reliable build, it can be utilised at almost any kind of event. This cube, air structure can be used both indoors and out, as well as on grass and hardstanding. With the addition of flooring, lighting and branding, it can be transformed to suit all needs and requirements. Below are a few ideas and suggestions for using our 20m inflatable cube.

  • Festivals, concerts and gigs
  • Conferences, meetings, exhibitions
  • Wedding, parties, proms and large dinners
  • Promotional events and product launches
  • Pop-up shops, lounges and catering tents