Inflatable Event Structures

At Evolution Dome, we stock over 200 different inflatable event structures for you to choose from, ready for shipping worldwide. Whether you’re having a family party, a concert or similar large event, you can rely on us to have the structure for you.

Our stock is constantly being added to with the latest and greatest inflatable structures. With anything from inflatable cubes to domes and more, we’re confident you can find the one you need for your upcoming event.

We aim to provide only the best inflatable structures for our customers and make the temporary venue a positive memory of representation for your event for years to come. This includes offering large-spaced venues as well as multi-room venues to ensure you have one that suits your event theme.

Though our structures may be big enough for events, they can be installed as swiftly as possible by a small team to client locations across the globe. Moreover, our inflatable structures are designed to suit all sorts of themes with their contemporary and unique look.

If you would like to find out more, you can receive a free quote by giving us a call on 01487 640640 and discuss you requirements with our team or email us via the simple contact form on our website.

For commercial companies looking to market their brand with an obvious method, we can offer an in-house design service and branding options. Don’t wait to get in touch to discover more today.

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