How To Choose A Temporary Structure For Hosting A Conference

If you are tasked with creating a space and transforming a venue into a bustling area of productivity, collaboration and networking, you will have a number of questions running around your mind. The space, the sound, the appearance and more must be considered before you make the right choice. Our job at Evolution Dome is to guide you towards the ideal temporary structure for hosting a conference, corporate event or brand launch with our selection of inflatable conference structures.

To help you make these important considerations and to discover how we can provide the right products for you, here are three key questions and answers about our temporary structures:

What size of temporary structure does our event require?

This consideration will need to combine the size of your venue and the number of people attending. Our temporary conference structures range from 6m through to 24m in the inflatable dome range. As you will see below, we can also offer a combination of temporary structures to suit your event.

How can we cut out sound from two or more different sections at the venue?

Our temporary structures can also double as break out rooms capable of cutting out 25Db of sound from inside to out. This means that two simultaneous seminars and talks can occur in one space without any problems.

What makes Evolution Dome’s temporary structures attractive for any event?

The insides of our temporary structures are kitted out with LED lights for evening events and provide a blank canvas for showing your brand off in the best light during the day.

To find out more about our temporary structures and to get a quote, speak with us today.

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