Why Invest In Our Temporary Structures

Events and the management of them are always evolving to the needs, desires and assumptions of visitors. These fluctuate whether you are hosting a conference, a festival, an exhibition or a corporate event because each visitor has a certain feeling about what to expect. One thing that stays constant is the need to create spaces that befit the specific event and help to enhance the experience of everyone at the venue.

At Evolution Dome we have becoming a leading UK provider of temporary structures for events, but have also worked across the world to deliver state-of-the-art structures for a wide range of needs. Our temporary structures are attractive pieces of inflatable equipment which can be suited to the space, nature of event and your budget.

What temporary structures are available at Evolution Dome?

On top of the vast array of sizes we can offer, our product range includes two of our most popular structures – the inflatable dome and the inflatable cube – which will work to ensure you have variety at your venue. When trying to organise temporary structures, we can help you with this too. Our products can be combined to create unique spaces for seminars, meeting rooms, conference halls that are soundproofed, look great and will create a professional atmosphere.

The true potential of our temporary structures can only be realised once you have discussed your options with Evolution Dome. To find out more, get in contact with us.

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