Three Ways You Can Make Use Of Our Inflatable Event Structures

Inflatable and available for use both indoors and out, our event structures can support your upcoming conference, festival, event, product launch or anything in between.

To keep your event on the right track, it’s vital that you make a number of considerations. Our selection of products at Evolution Dome will provide a range of benefits that could be ideal for your upcoming event.

Our inflatable event structures are a great way to establish a space that you can utilise and make the most of with ease.

If you would like to understand the potential of our event structures and their benefits, here are three ways you can best utilise our event structures for your upcoming event:

  1. Light up the evening: Whether you are hosting a new product launch or a conference for your whole business, you will want to ensure that you have lighting that looks great. Our structures are waiting for you to utilise with high-quality LED lighting and additional event products.
  2. Transform your event into a celebration: The sound retention of our event structures ensures that everything from the early afternoon speeches through to the music in the evening will be hear loud and clear.
  3. Excel in any weather: Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about any weather problems. Our event structures can withstand winds up to 55mph comfortably and keep water at bay with ease.

To discover more about the features of our event structures at Evolution Dome, get in contact with us today.

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