Three Ways Our Meeting Pods Can Be Important To Your Upcoming Event

The BBC’s Salford Quays HQ is awash with them, and for good reason. They are popular throughout Google’s offices and big businesses the world over. Meeting pods, breakout areas and individual pods all offer something a little different to a workplace setting.

If you are turning a venue into a conference area, event space or more, it’s important that you think how to maximise this space. At Evolution Dome we offer a range of options that bring together meeting pods and breakout areas seamlessly.

To help you understand the potential of meeting pods within your setting, here are three ways you can use them smartly:

  1. Exclusivity: Meeting pods and breakout areas can complement our conference domes and inflatable product range perfectly. They will offer an exclusive area for guests to enter, converse and discuss anything they need. Perhaps you could implement a bar area or a space for paid seminars.
  2. Think mental health: A day-long conference or a range of meetings can take their toll. It’s vital that you find a way to reduce stress on participants. Smartly lit and stress-relieving spaces can keep your guests feeling their best.
  3. Network in peace: Just one meeting pod from Evolution Dome can help to bring together key members of the industry. This is great to turn an event with over 200 guests into a unique networking experience for a select few.

If you would like to discover more about our meeting pods and conference domes at Evolution Dome, speak with us today.

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