The Power Of Our Hiring A Corporate Marquee For Your Next Event

A corporate event is a representation of your whole company. You have the opportunity with each event to show off your best side – attracting clients, customers and investors if you are successful.

How you make the most of your venue is the most important question. Utilising the available space well can leave a positive lasting impression on any guests that attend your corporate event.

At Evolution Dome we have become a leading provider of corporate marquees, conference theatres and breakout rooms that could be perfect for your upcoming event.

Utilising our corporate marquees in the world of business

Networking, creating partnerships and showing off your products and services. The corporate world demands diversity and variety to attract and retain.

To help you choose our corporate marquees, here are three benefits to our sturdy, attractive and malleable products:

  1. Indoor or outdoor: Wind rated up to 55mph, waterproof and good-looking, you can be confident in choosing our corporate marquees for all sorts of events, both indoors and outdoors.
  2. Sound: Our inflatable domes are able to offer great sound retention and acoustics for your next event. You can be certain that every song or speech will be heard confidently and with ease.
  3. Accessories: To boost the appeal of your conference or corporate event, our team can help to complement your corporate marquee with AV equipment, sound gear and much more for your event.

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